Sino-truk Fuel Filter Element

  • Sino-truk Fuel Filter Element
  • Sino-truk Fuel Filter Element
  • Sino-truk Fuel Filter Element
  • Sino-truk Fuel Filter Element
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Sino-truk Fuel Filter Element
  • YLDI
  • Hebei
  • 5-30days
  • 30000pcs/month

Name: Sino-truk Fuel Filter Element
Reference number:wk962/7
Size: OD97*H210mm M18*1.5
Application: Sino-truk
Type: Fuel Filter
MOQ: 300PCs
Certification: ISO 9001; IATF 16949
Package: neutral, our brand, customized

Sino-truk Fuel Filter Element

Sino-truk fuel filterwk962/7

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Spin-on fuel filterSino-truk fuel filter

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Spin-on fuel filter

Sino-truk fuel filter

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Spin-on fuel filter

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